April 19, 2021

Ryan Murphy Guarantees: Gaga’s Role On ‘AHS’ Will Shock You

Fans were shocked last month when Gaga released the news that she would be checking into American Horror Story: Hotel as the new series lead, but Murphy revealed there’s a specific reason the news was not leaked beforehand.

It was just something that she did very, very privately. It was sort of a creative investigation. My favorite thing in the world would be when I would, of the blue, get a call from her and they’d say, ‘Hold for Gaga’.

But Murphy is not worried about Gaga stepping into the AHS spotlight now that Jessica is officially done.

Well, I haven’t seen her [acting] yet. But she studied acting and I think in many ways that’s what she wanted to do first. I think she’s been looking for some outlet to really dig in there and create a character. I guarantee the role will shock people. What’s she’s playing.