March 8, 2021

#SWINEFEST: Lady Gaga live at the iTunes Music Festival

tumblr_mrnie3Zg6W1qdmb8eo1_500During Lady Gaga's headline performance at the iTunes festival on tonight, Dream Of Gaga will be hosting live updates from the show straight to our Twitter account-to follow the swinefest Little Monster discussion! When Lady Gaga takes to the stage at London's Roundhouse at 9 PM GMT/(4 PM EST / 1 PM PST). the show will be streamed live to more than 100 countries.

Be sure to watch the performances after 'read more' tag..

TIL' NOW ARTPOP TRACKLIST: Aura”, “MANiCURE”, “ARTPOP”, “Jewels And Drugs” (featuring T.I., Too Short & Twista), “Sex Dreams”, “Swine”, “I Wanna Be With You” and her brand new single “Applause”.