June 24, 2021

The ‘Born This Way Foundation’ Collaborates With Office Depot



Announcement from the BORNTHISWAY FOUNDATION:

Born This Way Foundation is kicking off the Back-To-School season with some help from our friends at Office Depot.

Beginning today, limited-edition products supporting our mission to build a kinder, braver world will be available at Office Depot stores all over the country. Twenty five percent of the sales will go to the Born This Way Foundation, and Office Depot has committed to a guaranteed $1 million donation this year!

So if you are a student, parent, or teacher who wants to make sure young people grow up feeling confident about their individuality, click the link button below to check out and share the pictures of our empowerment Gift Cards, “Kindness Sticks” Post-It® Notes, limited-edition Sharpie® pens, and “Bravery Bracelets.”

And don’t forget to head over to the Office Depot Facebook page for more fun ways to express your individuality and tell others about our partnership.