May 9, 2021

‘The Manifesto Of Artistic Utopia’-Glitter The Fame Monster Project

The Glitter-The Fame Monster (bring GaGa back to broadway) project,is back stronger than ever!This time,they bring us a video where people need to pay attention to the visual metaphorsof that: the heart being engulfed by the wine shows the risk of self-indulgence; the contrasts of light and darkness show the dangers of living a life of polarity. The video doesn’t sum up the world of Glitter at all .

Creative Director-Author: Chris Melvin

The teaser video, “The Manifesto of Artistic Utopia” [above] follows a mysterious character giving details of a world whose life and essence consists of creativity and art – that is, before the downfall and oppression caused by an entity known only as the Fame Monster.

Enjoy the video and share your thoughts!Hope you are loving the whole GLITTER TFM stuff,as much as we do!