July 29, 2021

Unseen Before ‘Born This Way’ Footage By SHOWStudio



Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way’ was a single well over a year ago, but the song is creeping back into pop culture lately.

Gaga tweeted a link to unreleased footage and photos from the epic ‘Born This Way’ video. Gaga posted:

“Go to my sweetheart Nick Knight’s SHOWSTUDIO now and see unreleased footage from the Born This Way video!”

As most monsters known, Knight directed the ‘BTW’ video. The images are incredibly Warholian – as in Andy Warhol style, thanks to the bright pops of color and overall “pop art” look. The images of Gaga bathed in pink, blue and yellow light, with more than two eyes and twisted facial expressions, are striking and sorta creepy, but the good kind of creepy.

There’s lots of images to sift and sort through, so take a few minutes. The animation might make you a little dizzy, thanks to all the bright colors, but if you are a self-respecting little monster, you’ll definitely give the shots a look. She’s on the right track, baby!

Click here to entry the gallery with the photos!