May 9, 2021

Vote: The Monster Productions Award 2011

This year at, fan-produced music videos have had the opportunity to be released through our site, allowing various readers throughout the world to view these fantastic and stunning productions. First off, Mrgo and Mrli premiered their fan version of Born This Way on DreamofGaga in March. The video was extremely well received, receiving many praises and good reviews from viewers. Later, in August, Mrgo and Mrli once again premiered Judas through our website. The video for the controversial song was an absolutely unbelievable departure from their previous videos like Paparazzi, which were initially shot with just a random camera. Their artistic growth has been displayed through the releases of their videos. In September, we had the honour to collaborate with Lady Gagita, who previously had over a million views for his Telephone music video. His Yoü And I video was released through DreamofGaga, receiving the likes and attention of many, with over 50,000 views to date in just 3 months. The Monster Productions Award aims to recognize fan work and the hard work of monsters who have produced videos of their own with Gaga songs. Vote below and don't forget to promote the poll!